About us

Why did Wenlo RDA start? A number of Leicestershire Riders had qualified to compete in the National championships but didn’t have an RDA group to ride with and to take part they needed to be a member of a registered RDA Group. As Dawn Whitmore-Kirby was now a Senioir Coach of RDA she decided to start her own group, David Allonby former owner of Stanford on Soar Riding School kindly donated the money to register the group and parents and volunteers formed the committee.

Where did the name come from? At the inaugural meeting it was decided they would like a name that was meaningful to David’s generosity, the first idea was to name it after David’s late wife ’OLWEN’  who had originally started the riding school and been one of  Dawn’s inspirations. The committee worked on the name and came up with ‘WENLO’ which is actually an anagram of Olwen, David didn’t find out this till many years later and was very touched.

We have continued to grow since starting in November 1990 at Stanford when we had 6 riders a week which required volunteers for 1 ½ hours a week,  we now have over 100 riders over 80 hours a month.