Rider Activities and Events

Riding has many attributes, and for many disabled people it is a great joy. For those who find it difficult to get out and about, it is an escape from four walls, and for children it can often be the start of an independent life learning to balance, become more confident, mixing with new people and often animals for the first time. This can all lead to their own first steps. Every individual is encouraged to aim for attainable goals, some modest, others far more ambitious, and above all to have fun.

For some hacking out in the countryside is all they want to do, for others working in the school is a challenge, possibly leading to competition of one sort or another. Many of our riders take Profieciency Grade Tests Grades I - IV in both riding and horse care, followed by Bronze, Silver and Gold. These tests are very useful goals in the winter, particularly for those who ride in the dark for 6 months of the year.

During the summer months, both riders and ponies may enjoy riding outside in the fresh air at Meadow School of Riding or hacking in the local countryside, competing at both the North Midlands Regional RDA events, Special Olympics and RDA National Championships, our Fun Days, Sponsored Events and getting involved in Life at Meadow School of Riding  or  Pony Club. Our RDA Riders are all encouraged to join in anything that is deemed suitable for them and their ability. The riders are supported by a wonderful band of volunteers, who not only make riding safe and fun, but also become good friends.

The quite exceptional ponies and horses are the stars of the day, providing four strong legs for those that may find walking difficult, and for understanding the sometimes very mixed messages that they receive from riders with co-ordination problems. Learning to ride is a complex business with many things to remember, and great demands on muscles, and joints  just to sit up, can for some be very demanding.