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Happy Easter!

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Hello everyone!

Well, it's hard to believe another week has passed since I last wrote my blog - and the first thing I want to say is a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has so kindly donated money for my medicine and the care I need to help me get back on my hooves, so to speak. In just over a week, you have kindly donated a grand total of …. (I would play a fanfare here if I could!) …. £1270! That is just AMAZING! It means that we can pay for the first three months of my special medicine (which I think is already helping me to feel better).

The humans have said that even though we have reached our first target, they will keep the fund open because as well as the meds, I am going to need regular visits from the vet, x-rays, a special diet and special shoes, and I might need more meds too. We still don't know how much it will all cost - so if anyone would like to contribute to my fund, please do take a look at

So yesterday was not just Sunday Funday but also Easter! This week, I had another special treat - breakfast OUT of bed! I know, I know - for many humans, breakfast IN bed is a treat. But as I am stuck in my stable all the time, it made a nice change to have my breakfast in a different spot while my stable was given a good clean-out.Breakfast 4 April

While the Sunday volunteers were cleaning out my stable, I enjoyed a nice pampering session as well as my breakfast. Pampering 4 April

Then, when it was time to go back in my stable - another surprise. The Easter Bunny had visited and brought carrots for all the horses and ponies - but I am not allowed any carrots or edible treats at all these days. The Easter Bunny must have known this - because when I went back in to my stable, I found that instead of edible treats, it had all been decorated for Easter instead! It really cheered me up.Easter decorations 4 April

I did get some "carrots" to wear on my head, though! Even though I didn't get carrots to eat, I did get to enjoy a lovely snuggle with Dawn while wearing my new hat! I don't think I will wear them every day, though. The other horses might take a little too much interest in my new headgear.Snuggles 1 4 April

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.

See you soon,

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